Sumatra Organic Fair Trade


Sumatra Organic Fair Trade



Notes: Bold and Earthy, mute acidity

Type: Arabica

Variety: Bourbon

Treatment: Triple pic

Acidity: low

Body: full

Certifications: FTO / Organic
Brought to you thanks to the Indonesian woman effort and dedication to the excellent cup.
Sumatra is considered one of the best coffee growing regions in Indonesia. The climate of the Island is tropical hot and humid. Rain forest dominates the landscape witch along with the dark volcanic soil produces beans that are low in acidity, but pack a punch in aroma and body.


Sumatra Mandheling Gallo is classified Grade 1.  The whole process involved from crop to cup is hand-made. Ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked, washed, de pulped, and laid to sun-dry all by woman. About three days later when the coffee is dried and the humidity of the beans are about 11% is moved the next step, quality control. The beans are carefully hand sourced, triple-picked, resulting in the Grade 1 Sumatra Mandheling Gallo Coffee


What is very unique and very especial about this coffee besides that is brought to you by woman’s farmers, is the incredible distinct taste! Full-bodied, earthy notes that combined with its muted-acidity, makes an elegant, exotic cup of coffee. 

NET WT. 12oz. 340g

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