Guatemala Coban Organic & Fair Trade


Guatemala Coban Organic & Fair Trade



Cocoa. caramel, tangerine notes. Medium acidity, medium body. Smooth with a very clean finish

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Coban, Sierra de la Minas

Processing methods: washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Certifications: FTO / Organic


Coffee is Guatemala’s most valuable agricultural export. Guatemala has long been known by the high quality of its coffees. Coban is one of the region’s growing organic-certified coffees by two coffee producers associations Aprocom and Aprodip. They are integrated by over 1,200 micro producers of Mayan O’eqchi and Poqomchi ethnicities, following their traditional techniques and conservation methods.

This coffee gets its high quality from Coban’s year-long cloudy, rainy, and cool weather. It is cultivated on the area’s distinctive rolling hills, under the tropical influences of the Atlantic Basin, in rich limestone and clay soils.

There is a very intense labor involved in Organic hand-picked coffee. To pick the very best quality only ripe cherries-no defects, requires two to three passes all by hand. Farmers are paid based on volume picked. A tree equals one pound of roasted coffee

We are proud to support Guatemala’s Farmers through Fair Trade

Net WT. 12oz. 340g








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