Colombia Sierra Nevada, Organic & Fair Trade


Colombia Sierra Nevada, Organic & Fair Trade



Medium acidity, nutty with chocolate notes

Origin: Colombia

Certifications: Fair Trade / Organic

Specie: Arabica

Variety: Castillo

Process: Hand Picked, Sun dried


Our Sierra Nevada Fair Trade Organic Coffee is sourced from Cooperatives conformed by indigenous groups habitants of the Mountains of Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia. The Tayronas, Arhuacos, Koguis, Wiwas and the Kankuamos, are descendants of ancient South American Civilizations. They live continuing to honor their traditional cultural lifestyles, remaining true to their moral, ecological and spiritual ancient’s laws.  In the 1980’s they began organizing themselves into groups that are now more assimilated by the Colombian society and has a political and a social voice.

This region is known for being dedicated to grow quality organic coffee, using methods and material that has little impact on the environment. They have already planted over 2,000 hectares of organic coffee. At 1,400 meters high lie the coffee crops under the shade of fruit trees and watered by the rain. Through the conservation and care of the natural resources, they seek to improve their living conditions and maintain their ancestral heritage, within the context of harmony and respect for our Mother Nature.

Habitants of Sierra Nevada takes care not only for the land their living but for the entire planet. That is the message they want to spread to every customer who buys and drink their coffee

Net wt. 12oz. /340g

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