T.O.C. Coffee (short name for Taste of Colombia) was established in Chicago in 2013. As many others, Taste of Colombia started as a dream with determination to succeed. As entrepreneurs we had a firm conviction, ‘We can do it. We can make this happen!" we knew we had to be tenacious, persistent and selective with the quality of our products and that is what will set us apart.  

We didn’t have a long term plan, all we had was a craving to create a homie place were we can unleash all our creativity and passion for coffee. Committed to the best selection, we carefully sourced each coffee one by one. Now our products include a collection of Single Origin State coffees from every major growing region in the world, all 100% Arabica beans as well as a selection of Organic and Fair Trade

Despite our short trajectory as a company, our business reflects the knowledge, love, passion, and respect for our farmers, our providers, and our customers.. bounding Together we make an unbeatable team in the search of the freshest, most amazing coffees, So with that being said we humbly invite you to come in and share our love for earths most natural source of energy!